Celebrating a remarkable 2017

Last year was truly amazing for Nalanda Buddhist Society when we had hugely successful events such as the WACANA Conference, ‘e-Run for Community Education’, Dhamma-Living Camps, and two special year-end Dhammayatras.  Our focus on educating teenagers and youths yielded great results with hundreds of enthusiastic young Buddhists participating in Nalanda’s numerous learning programmes.

We are just 3 weeks into 2018, and Nalandians are already anticipating another outstanding year ahead!  We look forward to celebrating the Society’s 15th anniversary by launching the would-be completed ‘K. Sri Dhammananda Centre’ in Sri Serdang, as well as the first phase of ‘Wisdom Park’ in Hulu Selangor.

Watch this short video clip to see the wonderful moments captured at Nalanda throughout 2017.  We owe it to the fervent support of our benefactors, and the marvellous work of our members and volunteers for a terrific year marked with milestone achievements.  Thank you all for supporting holistic education!