Celebrating Nalanda Centre’s Successful Expansion

On 1 May 2015, the ‘Officiating Ceremony of Nalanda Centre Annex Building’ was jointly performed by the Maha Sangha and lay devotees in a joyous spirit.  After 7½ months of construction, the building was safely completed to afford more space for Dhamma school, courses, retreats, and various other educational programmes.

We take this opportunity to once again record our utmost appreciation to the Building Team, benefactors, donors, workers, and everyone involved in the project.  Your contributions will no doubt enable Nalanda to offer better services to the community.

We invite you to watch this short video clip kindly prepared by our youths Bro. Andrew Tan, Ajita Lim, and Lim Jie Sheng to celebrate the successful completion of the building project.  May you rejoice in everyone’s contributions and be blessed with happiness, well-being, and peace.  Thank you!