Celebrating Nalanda’s 19th Anniversary

Celebrating Nalanda’s 19th Anniversary

Sis. Buddhinī Tan delivered the President’s message at Wisdom Park during the 8th National Nalanda Members’ Convention.

Namo Buddhaya & Happy Nalanda Day!

1 May is dedicated as Nalanda Day, a special day to commemorate the anniversary of Nalanda Buddhist Society’s establishment in 2003.  I take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to our Dhamma teachers near and far, members, benefactors, volunteers and devotees for your continuous care, support and encouragement.

Over the past two decades, the world has rapidly changed and evolved with technological and scientific advancements.  While we embraced advancements which afford efficiencies and promote connectivity, what did not change for Nalanda is its Vision and Mission – to provide educational opportunities based on Buddha-Dhamma for all to learn, practise and realise the Buddha’s teaching, leading to personal transformation, and social improvements around the world.

As I look back on Nalanda’s journey in carrying out this mission, I admit that it has not always been easy, because many challenges unique to those points in time always arise.  What we witnessed however, is that when we are collectively motivated by this noble cause, we never give up.  Together, we have continuously put forward our best efforts to come up with solutions and seek timely opportunities.  And often, these solutions and opportunities arise because of our members, benefactors, volunteers, devotees and students.

Not only am I touched by their contributions, but also that of many kind-hearted and unfamiliar people who offered their resources and time on many occasions, with good intention, to further the cause of Buddha-Sāsana.  We have seen enormous internal strength derived from these beautiful, good friends when everyone strips away the sense of self, motivated purely by a wish to not see the suffering of others and for the endurance of Buddha-Sāsana.  I am humbled by your inspiring qualities and selfless spirit.

On this 19th anniversary, we also celebrate the 10th anniversary of Nalanda Youth Centre.  I would like to congratulate Nalanda Youth Centre for 10 wonderful years of amazing growth and great contributions.  Nalanda Youth has always been an integral part of Nalanda Buddhist Society and we are blessed to have many youths who are spirited and spiritual at core.  Not only are they proving to be catalysts to Nalanda’s healthy and steady growth, but their involvement signals the potential growth and endurance of Buddha-Sāsana in years to come.  We are proud of you!

Youth leaders organise and lead the Youth Sunday Service held weekly at Nalanda Youth Centre in Sri Serdang. (Photo taken pre-MCO)

Dhamma Living Camp for Young Adults is a much welcomed programme by Buddhist youths who can learn and reflect on Dhamma with their peers.

Friends, we are all fortunate enough to associate with Buddha-Dhamma and we can see its  growing importance in this contemporary yet complex world that we live in.  Many of you can even vouch for the benefits from our practice; these effects are also the subject of scientific research.  Various studies have verified time and again the positive and long-lasting impact of core Dhamma practices to mankind.  Brothers and sisters, it is therefore a privilege that we are part of a community which can act to enable this precious treasure – Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha, to be made known to more people, regardless of age groups, locations and preference.

As we play our part in planting and nurturing seeds of Dhamma in many people’s hearts over the years, let us also derive joy from seeing them become happier and better people.  The Buddhist community continues to need all of us to unite in spirit and in effort to propel forward.  I invite you to join us and start, or continue, to offer your utmost support for Nalanda’s journey onwards and upwards, which pave the way to inward self-discovery.  In unity we strive, in harmony we thrive!

Buddha-sāsanam ciram titthatu
May the Buddha-Sasanam long endure!


Thank you and Sukhihotu.
Sis. Buddhinī Tan
President of Nalanda Buddhist Society