‘Ceramah’ Dhamma bersama Ven. Dr Santacitto

‘Ceramah’ Dhamma bersama Ven. Dr Santacitto

The congregation was grateful for the opportunity to learn from Ven. Santacitto.

On Sunday 5 February, we were honoured to host Ven. Dr. Santacitto, from Indonesia, for a Dhamma talk during the Sunday Morning Service, on how understanding Dependant Origination (Paticca-Samuppada) can lead us to happiness and peace.

This doctrine is to be understood in both the order of its arising and its falling away, so that we can first learn how suffering (dukkha) comes about and then how we can be free of it.  The 12 links as taught by the Buddha, explains the conditionality, relativity and interdependency that penetrates the workings of the whole existence and continuity of life.

The first truth – there is suffering – is experienced when we cling and attach to that which are conditioned.

There were also opportunities to ask venerable questions.

Joyfully, we offered lunch dana to venerable, wishing him physical well-being and good health.

To break this chain, we need to fully comprehend the Four Noble Truths, to be free from rebirth and suffering.  To learn more from Ven. Santacitto’s talk, click here.

Join us to extend our appreciation to Ven. Santacitto for his simple explanations on this profound doctrine.  We wish him good health and success in his noble endeavours.  May you be well and happy.

During his stay at Nalanda Centre, we had the opportunity to have Dhamma chats with venerable sir.

We hope that Ven. Santacitto will visit us again on his next trip to Malaysia.