Come visit ‘Buddha Jayanti’ virtual exhibition

Nalanda Dhamma School’s “Buddha Jayanti” Exhibition is back online with the sequel ‘Happy Mind Happy Life 2’!  Organised every year in conjunction with ‘Buddha Day’, this year’s exhibition features a collection of ‘stop-motion’ animations to engage children and teenagers in learning and reflecting on Dhamma.

This Wesak, we explore the Buddha’s words, “Mind is the forerunner of all things” in Verse 1 of The Dhammapada.  A clear mind learns better and is conducive to wholesome deeds, while a clouded mind dwells in confusion.  Let us find out more about ways to overcome distracting thoughts and develop a focused mind based on the teachings of the Buddha.

We thank Dhamma School facilitators and students for your diligence and hard work in producing such creative Dhamma videos.  Do SHARE these videos with your friends and relatives, especially those with younger children, so that more people can benefit from developing clarity and mental well-being.  Enjoy your visit at !