Community comes together at NEO KL

Community comes together at NEO KL

Pindacara is a centuries-long tradition and presents to us an opportunity to do good.

This morning, the community at the OUG and Happy Garden markets came together to make offerings to Mahā Sangha.  Whilst many regular supporters joyfully prepared and made offerings to venerable monks, curious onlookers also joined in after understanding the purpose of the deed and this simple way to support members of the Sangha.

Members and volunteers then gathered back at Nalanda Education and Outreach Centre in Happy Garden for the morning service, and a Dhamma talk by Venerable Visalo from Indonesia.  He rejoiced at this community outreach which enables members of the public to do good, and to participate in more Dhamma programmes.

Nalanda KL Branch Chairman Bro. Yong welcoming the monks at the morning market.

Volunteers take the opportunity to also make offerings.

Parents are able to instil the value of generosity in their children.

Members from the OUG community joyfully making the offerings.

We invite you and your loved ones to join us tonight at 6pm for the Peace Walk at NEO Centre KL.  The programme features a Dhamma talk by Achariya S. Vijaya, Chairman Emeritus of Nalanda Education Committee followed by the peaceful procession.  All are welcome!

Market goers are grateful for this opportunity to do good.

Dhamma school students actively participate by serving the monks.

With devotion, stall operators offer generously from their hearts.

Volunteers explained to market goers the purpose of this programme.

Ven. Visalo congratulated Nalanda on reaching its 20th Anniversary, and for running programmes for the benefit of the community.

Volunteers making the offerings to the monks, as others rejoice in this good deed.

Monks chant verses of blessings and also lead the congregation to share merits.

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