Connect with our hearts

Even as technology evolves to be a bigger enabler in our lives, we can still connect with others meaningfully if we care enough.

Our time ‘on-line’ has increased manifold compared to pre-pandemic days. We have glared into brightly-lit screens to work, study, shop for groceries, participate in Dhamma talks, and even attend retreats. While we maintain physical distancing to break the chain of Covid-19 infections, how do we ensure that we do not disconnect ourselves from the people around us?
We can maintain this human connection with others by developing loving-kindness (mettā). When we cultivate thoughts of genuine kindness for others, our actions and speech will also become more gentle and compassionate. Thus, our interactions with others will be more amiable, sincere and caring, which can have a ‘butterfly effect’ on how the other party treats you and the people around them.
Connection happens when our care and concern for others surfaces, and we relate to what they are going through. Therefore, connect with others, not just through technology, but with our hearts.