Cultivating insights with Ven Gavesi

Cultivating insights with Ven Gavesi

Thank you to everyone for your contributions and support in making this a conducive retreat.

Just yesterday, over 35 yogis and volunteers completed the Meditation Retreat led by Ven. Gavesi held from 1 to 10 March at Wisdom Park.  Yogis were guided by venerable sir in 10 days of intensive practice, starting with clear instructions, daily Dhamma talks and personal interviews.

Persevering in the alternating hourly sitting and walking sessions, yogis observed the Vipassana objects to gradually built up and strengthened their mindfulness with the advice and encouragement of Ven. Gavesi.

Yogis listening intently to Ven. Gavesi’s advice.

Ven. Gavesi encouraged everyone to be mindful of the sensations of the body as they arise.

Sitting sessions commence early in the morning before the sun dawns.

Sis. Nandini Tan leads the group to seek forgiveness from Ven. Gavesi upon completion of this Meditation Retreat.

We extend our appreciation to Ven. Gavesi for conducting this retreat for the benefit of the yogis’ mental cultivation.  We also thank all the volunteers for their selfless service and rejoice over the yogis’ efforts and endurance.  May your development in the Dhamma continue unabated for the well-being of many.

Sending off Ven. Gavesi.

We thank all the volunteers for their care, commitment and time.