Daily Cultivation of a Dhamma Practitioner

Daily Cultivation of a Dhamma Practitioner

On Wednesday, 12 June, devotees once again filled the Shrine Hall at Nalanda Centre for the first group meditation of Gimhana Retreat.  Bro. Tan guided everyone in loving-kindness meditation, followed by a quiet sitting as we observed our breath mindfully.  Despite the day’s hustle and bustle, most meditators experienced a sense of peace after the 45 minute session.

In his talk, Bro. Tan shared that there are three things that we need to do every day as Dhamma practitioners.  They are:

  • Dāna  (cultivating a generous spirit in caring and giving)
  • Sīla  (upholding moral values and maintaining our virtue)
  • Bhāvanā  (mental development through meditation and wise reflection)

In our reflection, we recollect the day’s events and evaluate the quality behind our actions, choice of words, and thought patterns.  The emphasis is not only on the ‘doing’, but also on the ‘spirit’ behind our actions.  Practising with right understanding, we advance spiritually as we work on overcoming defilements and purifying our minds.

Going through life’s ups and downs, it is easy to get caught up with the vicissitudes.  When we meditate every day, we can experience a temporary ‘mokkha’, freedom and quietude from the sitting.  With clarity and purity of the mind, it is more conducive for insights to arise.  With greater mental cultivation comes a deeper strength and confidence to continue practising in the right way.  This is how one progresses spiritually.

Do join us for the next Gimhana Sunday on 16 June, 9am, at Nalanda Centre!  Weekly meditation and Dhamma teachings by Bro. Tan will be held on Wednesdays, 8pm – 10pm.  All are welcome!