Daily mindfulness is essential practice

Sis. Santī leading the congregation in quiet meditation and contemplation.

Report by Megan & Swee Har.

On Sunday 9 September, Sis. Santī Cheang gave a Dhamma sharing on mindfulness in daily activities.  All of us are composed of body and mind; but many people only focus on physical needs and nourishment, but not the cultivation of mind.

Cultivation of the mind is of utmost importance as it will lead to freedom from all forms of defilements and suffering in life.  One mental factor to cultivate is sati (mindfulness).  Sati is a combination of awareness, attention and memory. Samma-Sati (Right Mindfulness) is the cultivation of sati through our thoughts, speech and actions.

The Four Foundations for Mindfulness consist of mindful awareness on four objects – the body (including sense doors), feelings, thoughts, and mental states.  Mindfulness of the body can be cultivated by paying attention to physical movements such as eating and brushing teeth. Mindfulness of feelings consists of noting different feelings throughout the day which may be pleasant, unpleasant or neutral.  Mindfulness of thoughts is observing the myriad thoughts that may involve desires, fear, hate and anxiety.

Bro. Ooi Boon Keat leading the offerings to the ‘Three Jewels’.

The practice of meditation can eradicate the five hindrances which are sensual desires, ill will, sloth and torpor, anxiety or restlessness, and skeptical doubts (in the Three Jewels).  In order to reap the results of mental cultivation, we should apply mindfulness in our daily activities.

We thank Sis. Santī for sharing with us the value of being mindful.  May we not falter in our efforts to be mindful but strive on gradually until liberation.  Sadhu anumodana!