Delightful ‘Service Sunday’ with Dr. Victor Wee


Dr. Victor Wee giving a Dhamma talk on ‘Right Thought’ during Service Sunday.

On 13 September, Professor Datuk Seri Dr. Victor Wee, an eloquent and proficient speaker, gave a Dhamma talk on ‘Sammā Sankappa’ (Right Thought) during Service Sunday at Nalanda Centre.

Datuk Seri shared that all wholesome deeds have their roots from ‘Sammā Ditthi’  (Right Understanding) and ‘Sammā Sankappa’ (Right Thought).  By merely learning and deepening knowledge on Dhamma will not bring much benefit to one’s life.  He encouraged and urged everyone to put learning into practice, as actions are the result of thoughts.  We should practise with the right intention and move towards the right direction, a direction which is free from greed, hatred and delusion.


Bro. Wilson (front right) and Bro. LeiKen (front left) leading devotees in chanting.

We are very grateful to Datuk Seri Victor Wee for spending his invaluable time with us on this New-moon Uposatha ‘Service Sunday’.   The devotees were inspired by the meaningful Dhamma talk, and aspired to put into action for the benefit of oneself and others.  Sadhu!


Sis. Zoe asking questions to clarify her doubts.