“Dhamma Everywhere”

Have you read a Dhamma book today?

Book title : Dhamma Everywhere : Welcoming each moment with Awareness + Wisdom
Author : Venerable Ashin Tejaniya
Publisher : Auspicious Affinity
Topic : Concepts, Teachings and Practice



“Because the mind is covered by defilements, we are unable to see dhamma or to understand nature as it is.  What is the meaning of nature?  It is cause and it is also effect.  The cause and effect process itself is nature.  Whatever is happening in the present moment is nature, dhamma.  Even defilements become dhamma, become nature…  Nature is teaching us dhamma but we are unable to hear because of the defilements in the mind, and because there isn’t enough understanding or wisdom.  If we can think and see nature as it really is, the mind is free and free from defilements.  Dhamma is everywhere.  Dhamma is there all the time, everywhere.  Is the mind ready to understand?”