Dhamma learning at Stay-in Camp

Dhamma learning at Stay-in Camp

We thank the School’s facilitators for guiding the students in learning Dhamma.

Last weekend, from 19 to 22 December, over 80 Dhamma School students were immersed in the Dhamma as part of the School’s stay-in programme at Nalanda Centre.  Themed ‘Heart to Heart’, Nalanda Dhamma School Director Sis. Sunanda and the School’s facilitators led students of ages 9 to 17 in various activities to learn, study and practice the noble teachings of the Buddha.

Students developed a deeper understanding of dāna (generosity), sīla (morality) and bhāvanā (mental cultivation) through classroom and hands-on learning.  They worked together to prepare and distribute a nutritious dinner for the less fortunate.  The students also joined the monthly Pindacara (monks on alms round) to support Sangha members and the community.  Through daily meditation sessions, sutta studies, discussions and reflections, students were well grounded in the Dhamma.

The camp started with offerings to the Three Jewels and chanting.

The teenage students learning the Ratana Sutta with Sis. Sunanda.

Students shared their ideas and reflections in the group work.

The younger students listening to stories about the Buddha.

Students honing their communication skills when they presented their group work.

Students calmed their minds during the meditation sessions.

Students participating in the monthly Pindacara at the Seri Kembangan markets.

The fun outdoor games required students to support each other and foster teamwork.


Fellowship amongst the students also grew as they supported each other in outdoor games and in preparing for the School’s year-end appreciation event.  We rejoice in the learning spirit and right efforts of our young students.  We invite you to join us for the Nalanda Dhamma School Appreciation and Honours’ Day which will be held on 31 December at 8pm.  All are welcome.