Dhamma teachings on 12 March 2017.

Spend a wholesome and meaningful day practising and contemplating Dhamma at Nalanda Centre this Sunday, 12 March. All are welcome.

12 March 2017 is ‘Dhamma-Sarana Day’ – it is the full-moon on a Sunday – and we encourage devotees to spend morning till evening at Nalanda Centre learning, practising, and contemplating the Dhamma.

We have arranged a full-day programme as follows conducive to our learning and cultivation of noble qualities:

7.00 am        Offering of breakfast dāna to Ven. Seelananda
9.00 am        Uposatha Morning Service – meditation, offerings & chanting
10.00 am      Dhamma talk by Ven. T. Seelananda Mahathera from USA
10.00 am      Dhamma talk in Mandarin by Sis. Nandinī
11.15 am      Offering of lunch dāna
11.30 am      Lunch for 8-preceptees & devotees
3.00 pm        Self-practice of meditation
7.30 pm        Uposatha Evening Service – Pāli chanting
8.00 pm        Dhamma talk by Ajahn Tiradhammo from Canada
9.30 pm        Dedication & Transference of Merits


We invite everyone to spend a meaningful and wholesome day engaged in calming the six-senses and ennobling our minds.  All are welcome at Nalanda Centre this weekend.