Dhamma School family outing in Putrajaya

Dhamma School family outing in Putrajaya

We thank all parents and students for coming to join this School outing.

On Sunday 26 March, more than 130 Nalanda Dhamma School facilitators, parents and students had a joyful outing at Taman Putra Perdana, Putrajaya.  In the absence of distractions, families were able to spend quality time supporting each other and strengthen their bonding with each other as well as with their peers.

Working together, they completed an ‘amazing race’ with fun and meaningful games to enhance wholesome qualities such as teamwork, effective communication and mutual support between family members.  In the Dhamma sharing by Sis. Lau Wei Nee, parents and children learned about how kindness and friendliness start at home, with how we treat those closest to us.

To start the session, the group paid respect to and took refuge in the Three Jewels and undertook the Five Precepts.

A warm up session led by students and youths.

Parents and students looking at the map for the ‘Amazing Race’.

This activity helped them develop trust and listening skills.

We thank Dhamma School facilitators for planning this meaningful and enjoyable out-of-class activity to enhance everyone’s learning experience.  May all parents and students continue to grow together in Dhamma.  Sadhu!

Families who form groups develop into teams as they go through the activities.

In the Dhamma sharing, Sis. Wei Nee invites students for an experiment.

Both children and adults enjoyed the tug-of-war.

A colourful group photo at the end of a lovely day out with good friends.

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