Dhamma talk by Bhikkhu Alokavamsa

Dhamma talk by Bhikkhu Alokavamsa

Venerable Alokavamsa advised us to diligently pursue “real happiness”.

On Wednesday 22 May, Nalanda Centre was honoured to host Ven. Alokavamsa from Indonesia for a Dhamma talk during his transit in Kuala Lumpur.  Venerable talked about the pursuit of two types of happiness – “delusional happiness” and “real happiness”.

“Delusional happiness” arises when we satisfy worldly desires born from greed and ignorance. This happiness is short-lived and will often lead to dissatisfaction and more craving.  On the other hand, “real happiness” arises from the realisation of Dhamma which leads to happiness now and hereafter.  By performing wholesome deeds such as dāna (generosity), sīla (morality) and bhāvanā (mental cultivation), we will experience deeper joy and satisfaction, which can also support us on our path to liberation.

The congregation took part in the weekly group meditation before the Dhamma talk.

Light-hearted moment when Venerable asked how lasting is the experience of worldly happiness.

We thank Ven. Alokavamsa for his important teaching.  May he be healthy and peaceful!