Dhamma talk by Ven. Ajahn Kalyano

Dhamma talk by Ven. Ajahn Kalyano

Devotees filled the hall with gratitude and joy in being able to learn from Tahn Ajahn Kalyano in person.

On Sunday 2 April, we were honoured to host Venerable Tahn Ajahn Kalyano for a Dhamma talk, his first visit back to Nalanda Centre since the onset of the pandemic.  Tahn Ajahn advised us to bring the quality of mindfulness into our lives as often as possible, in order to cultivate inner awareness and strength of mind.

Throughout the day, we can ask ourselves – “What are we doing now?”.  This awareness helps bring us into the present moment.  At the same time, we can train the mind to be more alert and to be wary of the eight worldly winds we encounter every day.  Gradually we will find that we have  reduced proliferation of thoughts and developed more clarity.

We are grateful to Tahn Ajahn Kalyano for making time to visit us and sharing with us the precious teachings of the Buddha.  We wish Ajahn the best of health, peace, and success in his Dhammaduta efforts.  For the full talk, please click here .

Nalanda members and volunteers receive Tahn Ajahn with much joy.

Ven. Teh pays his respects to Tahn Ajahn Kalyano.

Nalanda leaders welcome Tahn Ajahn and is grateful for his advice.

The congregation paying their respects to venerable sirs.

Host Sis. Ai Li invites Tahn Ajahn to give the Dhamma talk.

Tahn Ajahn starts by advising us to always adopt a learning mind and then put what we learn into practice.

We need to learn how to restrain the unwholesome and see things as they are.

Devotees asking questions to clear their doubts.

Devotees are grateful for the opportunity to offer meal dana to venerable monks.

With the merits acquired, we dedicate them to our dear deceased and to all beings.

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