Dhamma talk by Ven. Ayya Susila

Dhamma talk by Ven. Ayya Susila

Venerable shared with us her own experience of finding happiness when she is in the present moment, and asked us to experience it for ourselves.

On Sunday 10 November, Venerable Ayya Susila gave a Dhamma talk at Nalanda Centre, on the topic of finding happiness through mindfulness.  Published studies state that people experience happiness and peace when they pay full attention to what they are doing – this is the mental state of mindfulness.  When we are not focused on what we are doing, we lack contentment.  A wandering mind brings restlessness, anxiety about the future and regrets of the past.

To be mindful, we put effort to pay attention to the present.  Mindfulness enables us to break our habitual reactions which may not be as intended and is unwholesome.  We should also keep our mind impartial so that we do not have attachment or agitation to what we experience.  For example, when we observe unwanted conditions such as pain, we do not attach to it.  We can then see these conditions pass and fall away.

The weekly Sunday Service commences with meditation, offerings to the Three Jewels and chanting.

Sis. Nandini and volunteers joyfully receive Venerable at Nalanda Centre.

Devotees respectfully welcome Venerable Ayya Susila to the Level 3 Shrine Hall.

Ayya Susila encouraged us to apply these techniques so that we can overcome obstacles and hindrances in our mind.  Just as many have used mindfulness to overcome stress, anxiety and increase their efficiency, we can also find peace, contentment and happiness for ourselves.  We thank Ayya Susila for advising us.  We wish her good health and peace.

Venerable also guided devotees through a short meditation sitting.

Devotees were grateful for the opportunity to offer dana to Venerable Ayya Susila.

Bro. Tan and Nalanda officers having a pleasant chat with Ayya Susila.