Dhamma talk by Ven. Dr. Pemaratana

Venerable Pemaratana relayed the skilful teachings of the Buddha for our spiritual growth.

On Wednesday 12 June, Ven. Dr. S. Pemaratana, Abbot of Pittsburgh Buddhist Centre, U.S.A., delivered a Dhamma talk on how to cultivate mental well-being.  In the talk, he shared five skilful techniques taught by the Buddha to remove unwholesome thoughts: (1) replace them with wholesome thoughts; (2) reflect on the consequences of being unwholesome; (3) disregard the unwholesome thoughts; (4) to contemplate causes and conditions; and (5) to crush the unwholesome thoughts with our will.

We should also train our minds to dwell upon the Four Divine Abidings (brahma-vihāra).  To progress in our practice, we must accept that everyone has imperfections, and hence be more forgiving of ourselves and others.

Devotees took the opportunity to clarify how they can overcome challenges faced in mundane life.

Venerable said cultivating mental well-being takes much effort but the benefits are immeasurable.

We thank Venerable Pemaratana for visiting Nalanda and for sharing the Dhamma with us. We wish him good health, peace, success, and much happiness.