Dhamma teachings in early March

Dhamma teachings in early March

Dhamma teachings in March 2017.

We welcome everyone to attend Dhamma teachings by these venerable teachers from abroad.

Nalanda Centre is honoured to host three venerable monks for Dhamma teachings this week – Ajahn Buddharakkhita from Ireland, Ven T. Seelananda Maha Thera from the U.S.A., and Ajahn Tiradhammo from Canada.


The schedule of this week’s teaching is as follows:

8 March, Wednesday, 8pm – 10pm | Meditation & Dhamma talk by Ajahn Buddharakkhita

Ajahn Buddharakhita is an Irish monk who trained for 5 years under Ajahn Brahmavamso.  He had also practiced under the guidance of Sayadaws U Pandita, U Kundala, U Tejaniya, and Ven. Dhammajiva.  Through an innovative and creative teaching style along with inclusive and open group dialogues, Ajahn Buddharakhita connects meditative practice with daily activities of children, youth, and working adults.

12 March, Sunday, 10am – 11am | Dhamma talk by Ven. T. Seelananda followed by lunch dāna

Sri Lanka-born Ven. T. Seelananda is the deputy abbot of Bhāvanā Society in West Virginia, USA, where he teaches Dhamma and meditation.  Ven. Seelananda also co-founded the Samatha-Vipassana Meditation Centre in Edmonton, Canada.

12 March, Sunday, 8pm – 10pm | Dhamma talk by Ajahn Tiradhammo followed by Q&A Session

Canadian-born Ajahn Tiradhammo was ordained in 1974 as a bhikkhu in the Thai Forest Tradition, being one of the earliest Western disciples of the late Ajahn Chah.   Ajahn Tiradhammo received training at Wat Pah Nanachat and stayed there until 1982 before going to Europe to help in monasteries there.   He helped to establish Dhammapala Manastery in Switzerland and was its abbot until 2005.  He later served as the abbot of Bodhinyanarama Monastery in New Zealand until 2012.  Currently, Ajahn travels widely to give teachings and conduct meditation retreats.


For more information, kindly contact Nalanda Centre at 03-8938-1500.  All are welcome!