Discovering Blessings at Dhamma-living Camp

Discovering Blessings at Dhamma-living Camp

Joyful learning at the Camp for youths, start with good friends and open minds.

For the past two days, participants of the on-going Dhamma Living Camp for Young Adults have been immersed in Dhamma living to discover the blessings in life.  After arriving yesterday morning, campers have been making new acquaintances and rekindling old friendships.  For deeper discussions and reflection, they gathered in their assigned ‘Dhamma families’ for the duration of the camp.

Nalanda founder Bro. Tan expanded on each verse of the Mangala Sutta, and emphasised that blessings do not come with sorrow, grief, fear or anxiety.  Blessings bring serenity, comfort and composure.  During the Dhamma teachings, many youths took the opportunity to ask questions on overcoming the challenges they face in life, and seek clarification.

Youth Leader, Bro. Ajit welcoming participants to the 4th Dhamma-Living Camp.

Participants sportingly joined the ice-breaking activity.

Nalanda founder Bro. Tan conducted Dhamma teachings for campers to understanding that blessings are discovered within when we have the right mindset and bear gratitude.

Participants gathered in Dhamma families for deeper discussions and reflection.

Camaraderie amongst campers continue to increase as they confide in each other.

Campers giving thanks together during the communal meals.

Campers also performed gardening and simple chores in selfless service.

May our campers keep up their youthful energy as they continue their learning.

We wish the campers continued and diligent learning for the next two days.  May they consistently maintain the right conditions to cultivate their minds to be a blessing for oneself and others.