DLCY campers reunite after two months

DLCY campers reunite after two months

We truly rejoice in the warm gathering of the youths and their high spirits.

On Sunday 5 November, participants of the Dhamma-living Camp for Young Adults (DLCY) reconnected with their Dhamma friends at the Reunion Day.  Gathering at Nalanda Youth Centre, they were happy to see their kalyana mittas again and reminisced memorable moments learning Dhamma together.

It has been two months since they dispersed from the Camp, and was an opportune time for the youths to discuss how they have put into practice the values they learned.  Those who faced challenges took the opportunity to seek the advice of their seniors and many felt they were better able to sustain the practice by associating with Dhamma friends.

Sis. Buddhini Tan are amongst the Camp Dhamma speakers who joined this reunion, and continued to guide the youths.

The reunion started with meditation, as they did on a daily basis during the Camp.

The reunion started with meditation, offerings and chanting, as they did on a daily basis during the Camp two months ago.

Everyone was very happy to again learn from Bro. Aggaphala Yap.

Sis. Paruadi Ramasamy has become good friends with many of the campers.

We thank all the participants for attending this wonderful get together, and we hope that they continue to learn, study and practice the Buddha’s teachings, not just for their benefit but also those around them.  See you again at upcoming Nalanda events and programmes!

Facilitators led the discussions on how they have fared since the Camp.

Campers shared their discussions and candid reflections.

Just as in the Camp, the youths thanked those who made the meal possible, and reflected on the consumption of food.

Bro. Ajit brought the group on a tour of the Centre.

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