Don’t cut down trees, plant them instead

Don’t cut down trees, plant them instead

Dedicated volunteers joyfully planting trees every weekend in Wisdom Park.

Around the world, people and animals are feeling the heat of global warming, and suffering from the effects of large-scale environmental destruction and degradation.  Worldwide, a staggering 29,000 trees are cut down every minute!  That’s 1.7 million trees in an hour, or 41 million trees destroyed in just a single day!

We as consumers are all culpable of this damage done to our habitats, and thus we are responsible to heal the environment.  Therefore, since April 2018, volunteers have planted more than 800 trees and thousands of shrubs in Wisdom Park, rehabilitating its ecological vitality with the reintroduction of local forest trees which attract the return of insects and birds.

To date, more than 800 trees and thousands of shrubs have been planted in the campus.

We would like to invite you to sponsor trees for planting in Wisdom Park to help the restoration of its ecosystem.  We envisage that in future, the campus will become a green, natural sanctuary of learning where many beings can rejuvenate their minds and spirits – and you can play a big part in its creation.

Sponsor RM120 per tree to be planted in Wisdom Park in your honour.  Donations can be made at Nalanda Centre Sri Serdang, or via bank transfer to:

“Nalanda Buddhist Society”
Maybank account number : 5121-4702-3622

[ Please state purpose: “Sponsor tree planting”.]

Efforts of many volunteers have transformed the campus into a green, pleasant environment for training and education.

Your support will greatly impact the establishment of a holistic ecosystem there.  Thank you!


WATCH this video from the BBC titled, “What if everyone in the world planted a tree?”