Energetic & wholesome service day for Family Dhamma School

Energetic & wholesome service day for Family Dhamma School

Learning as a family is not only joyful, but effective.

On Saturday 27 May, a total of 80 students and facilitators of Family Dhamma School had their first school outing at Wisdom Park, to cultivate family well-being and experience the joy of service.  Anchored in the morning communal chanting together with regular volunteers at Wisdom Park, the families fanned out across the grounds for learning activities.

The group also assisted the Green Warriors to plant 4 trees, with blessings for the trees to grow well and provide shelter to many beings, including Dhamma learners, in the future.  The children then had a question and answer session with Ven. Jayanando, a Malaysian monk, who was visiting Wisdom Park, whilst parents were led in a reflection session on their learnings that morning.

Sis. Sadhika welcomes the participants to the Service Day.

Director of Nalanda Dhamma School, Sis. Hui Shien gives a Dhamma sharing to the group.

Everyone had a joyful day out with their family and good spiritual friends.

Getting closer to nature with outdoor service.

Parents and children work together to complete their task.

It was a fulfilling and wholesome day for the families, as they spent quality time together and encouraging each other.  We rejoice in their spirit of service and learning, and look forward to welcoming the Family Dhamma School back to Wisdom Park.  Sadhu anumodana!

A family working as a team with good effort.

The outdoor activities were full of sharings and reflections.

There is much to be learned while planting trees.

Parents having a reflection session.

Ven. Jayanando was also visiting Wisdom Park on the same day, and compassionately had a Q&A session with the young children.

Opportunities to learn from well practised Sangha members are always cherished.

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