Family Dhamma School

24 July 2023

Parents and children engaged in Dhamma learning together

The happiest times we recollect as a family are when we are involved in doing something wholesome and caring together.  At Nalanda Education & Outreach Centre in Happy Garden, students of Family Dhamma School gather on Sundays to do just that, accruing many days of joyful moments in the company of each other, facilitators and good spiritual friends.

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4 June 2023

Energetic & wholesome service day for Family Dhamma School

On Saturday 27 May, a total of 80 students and facilitators of Family Dhamma School had their first school outing at Wisdom Park, to cultivate family well-being and experience the joy of service.  Anchored in the morning communal chanting together with regular volunteers at Wisdom Park, the families fanned out across the grounds for learning activities.

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