Experiencing Joy on ‘Sangha Day’ at Nalanda

Experiencing Joy on ‘Sangha Day’ at Nalanda

Devotees offering with faith and devotion.

Report by Lim Sumanā

Nalanda Buddhist Society observed our annual ‘Sangha Day’ on Sunday, 9 November.  On this important occasion, the Buddhist laity took the opportunity to express gratitude and support for the Sangha (monastic community) by offering robes and other requisites, thus practising generosity and humility through the acts of giving.

The Srivijaya Hall at Level 3 was filled with devotees who were grateful for the opportunity to make offerings to the Sangha, and to listen to the Dhamma delivered by Achariya Vijaya Samarawickrama and Bro Tan.

Achariya Vijaya sharing on the purpose of ‘Dāna’.

Achariya Vijaya reminded us on the purpose of practising ‘Dāna’ (generosity), which is to overcome the defilement of greed and selfishness.  Bro. Tan added that it is equally important to ‘receive’ gracefully and to have gratitude and appreciation for the generosity of others.

Bro. Tan explained that it is equally important to ‘receive’ with grace and humility.

It was a memorable experience for everyone in practising generosity, listening to the Dhamma and supporting the Sangha.  We thank everyone for your contribution and participation in this wholesome observance.  Sadhu anumodana!

Devotees partake in the offering of lunch ‘dāna’ to the Venerables.