Family day out for Dhamma School parents & children

Family day out for Dhamma School parents & children

It was a joyful day out for families who come together, serve together and learn together.

On Saturday 15 October, 72 Nalanda Dhamma School facilitators, parents and students had a joyful Family Day at Wisdom Park.  Families had the opportunity to work together to render their service in upkeeping Wisdom Park and greening the environment.  The service was followed by family-bonding activities which were filled with fun while instilling wholesome values such as patience, mutual support and trust between family members.

After the games, some parents shared that they seldom reversed roles where they had to listen to their children’s instructions.  However, their apprehension quickly turned into confidence when they realised the maturity of their young ones.  Director of the School, Sis. Hui Shien also gave a talk on harmonious family living, which is grounded in understanding, respect and kindness.

We thank Nalanda Dhamma School facilitators for organising this family outing which enabled parents to spend quality time with their children, as well as for the families to learn Dhamma together.

Dhamma School parents and students joined the morning chanting with regular volunteers.

Dr. Chen teaching students how to care for the environment by properly planting shrubs.

More joy as teams spread out across Wisdom Park to green the environment.

Students especially enjoyed this day out to have fun while learning.

At the station games, families worked together and got to know each other better.

Sis. Hui Shien gave a Dhamma sharing on living harmoniously together as a family.

We rejoice in the spirit of service of our Dhamma School families.