Family Dhamma School learns Buddhist culture

Family Dhamma School learns Buddhist culture

A joyful photo of families coming together to learn Dhamma.

Last weekend, from 16 to 17 December, Nalanda Family Dhamma School hosted a Dhamma Camp at Wisdom Park for their students, a very welcomed trip for the families after two joyful visits there earlier this year.  Guided by the School’s facilitators, the group of 60 were immersed in Dhamma living and deepened their understanding of Buddhist culture and its importance in our spiritual cultivation.

Buddhist culture is one which is grounded in the values taught by the Buddha such as mindfulness, respect, gratitude and humility.  Most of these endearing  practices help us maintain calm, filial piety and many are even similar to the customs of our ancestors.  Parents also discussed openly with their children on how they can support each other to inculcate the Buddhist culture into their daily lives.

Facilitators and volunteers feel blessed for the opportunity to support this camp.

Director of Nalanda Dhamma School, Sis. See Hui Shien shared aspects of Buddhist culture and its role in our spiritual cultivation.

Celebrating birthdays of participants who also shared how happy they were to spend their birthdays with good friends.

The camp programme is anchored with morning and evening chanting.

Sis. Sadhika Tan, Coordinator of the School welcomes all students to the School’s first overnight Dhamma camp.

Bro. Ng Eek Chon sharing about the practice of chanting.

We thank Dhamma School facilitators, Nalanda Kuala Lumpur Branch Committee, volunteers and all the students for their efforts and support in this first overnight camp for Family Dhamma School.  Let us all continue to inculcate wholesome values and practices so that we may live life more meaningfully.

Learning through role-play.

Family Dhamma School students sharing their experiences.

Learning to work together and listen to each other.

Happy family photos as they complete their tasks.

Reflection and rejoicing with each other.

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