Finding peace within at Buddha Jayanti Exhibition

Finding peace within at Buddha Jayanti Exhibition

Thumbs-up as family comes along to take part in the Exhibition.

From 21 to 26 May, the Buddha Jayanti Exhibition welcomed hundreds of visitors with its eye-catching exhibits and activities.  Organised and hosted by Nalanda Dhamma School, each of the art-work were hand-made by the School’s facilitators and students to relay messages of the Buddha on daily practices to develop a resilient and peaceful mind that stands firm amidst the influence of worldly conditions.

Student guides shared that His teachings are not only relevant to Buddhists but to all humanity, offering a path toward a more compassionate and peaceful world.  The cultivation of peace begins within everyone.  Living peacefully is not reliant on external conditions, it comes about with internal mastery and harmony, guided by mindfulness and moral purity.

A Dhamma School student sharing his idea which turned into an exhibit.

Exploring one of the activity stations.

Preparing the artwork for the exhibition.

Dhamma School students with their facilitators at the launch of the Exhibition.

We extend our kudos to Nalanda Dhamma School for this wonderful exhibition which connected students and adults with Dhamma.  May your spirit of learning and service continue to strengthen and shine for the prolongation of the Buddha-sāsana.  Sadhu anumodana.

Facilitators brief Ven. B. Dheerananda about the exhibition, at the launch.

Visitors are able to bring home a token of appreciation, which also bears a Dhamma message.

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