First death in Malaysia from Covid-19

First death in Malaysia from Covid-19

Malaysia recorded its first fatality from the Covid-19 pandemic on 17 March 2020, in Kuching.

We are saddened to know the news of Pastor David Cheng from Kuching who passed away this morning due to Covid-19.  His death marks the first fatality in Malaysia from the deadly coronavirus currently plaguing the world.  We extend our deepest condolences to the family members, relatives and friends of Pastor David.  May he rest in Peace.

Meanwhile, we urge all Malaysians to cooperate fully with the authorities to avoid public places and congregations of any kind during this period of restricted movement and business closures.  These strong measures were instituted to ensure public health and safety.  It is our personal duty to work together with the authorities to stem the spread of Covid-19.

Let us continue to remain vigilant, and stay calm with positive-minds during this critical time.  Turn our fears into prayers instead, and our anxieties into compassion.


With mettā,

The “Covid-19 Emergency Response Team”,
Nalanda Buddhist Society Malaysia.

The Star: “Pastor from Sarawak is first Covid-19 fatality in Malaysia”