First Sanghika Dāna at Wisdom Park

First Sanghika Dāna at Wisdom Park

Ven. Saranankara lead devotees in a short meditation sitting before the dāna.

On 6 June, Nalandians congregated at Wisdom Park to welcome venerable monks and nuns representing the Mahā Sangha to the first Sanghika Dāna held there. Ven. B. Sri Saranankara Nāyaka Thero who was present advised us to be consistent in living a Buddhist way of life to enhance our spiritual well-being.  If we were to focus only on material comforts and neglect spiritual  development, we may not be able to tolerate even the slightest adversity and difficulty.

In Nalandian tradition, all the rooms at the new building were first offered to be used by Sangha members.  The four-fold assembly then unveiled a replica of the ancient “Asokan Pillar”, and rejoiced in this meaningful milestone in the annals of Nalanda.  We thank all benefactors of Wisdom Park for contributing to this noble project.  Sādhu!

Ven. Saranankara rejoicing and wishing for the continued progress of Wisdom Park on his first visit to the campus.

Volunteers working in concord to prepare for the Sanghika Dāna and communal lunch.

Devotees offering Sanghika Dāna joyfully at the new dining hall of Guest Lodge 1.

Joy emanated from the faces of volunteer gardeners, even under the hot sun.