Fitting finale to an inspiring Gimhāna Retreat

Fitting finale to an inspiring Gimhāna Retreat

Participants gathered at the Shrine Hall after meditation on the last day of 2014 Gimhāna Retreat.

This year’s 7-week long Gimhāna Period Retreat, which began on 28 May, came to a wonderful and inspiring close last night.  Over the weeks, more than 200 devotees packed Nalanda Centre especially on Wednesdays and weekends for meditation, chanting, and community service.

Nalanda Founder Bro. Tan gave 15 Dhamma talks during this year’s retreat, which centred upon the gradual development of a ‘good mind’.  At last night’s concluding Dhamma teaching, Bro.Tan spoke about the continual arising and passing of ‘citta’ (states of mind), both wholesome and unwholesome, as well as how to progress in meditation to culminate in intuitive wisdom.  It was a skillful commentary and summary to the teachings of the Buddha in just 7 weeks!

Nalanda President Bro. Lee Kong Foo presenting "guru-dakkhina" on behalf of the congregation in appreciation of Bro.Tan's 7 weeks of Dhamma teachings.

Nalanda Buddhist Society as the organizer of this retreat would like to thank all volunteers, sponsors of refreshments, and all participants for taking part earnestly in the Gimhāna Period activities.  Let us continue our dedicated practice to liberate ourselves from defilements.  We share these merits with our teachers, spiritual friends, parents, loved ones, and all beings; may they be free from suffering!