Giving wholeheartedly at Pindacāra

Giving wholeheartedly at Pindacāra

Devotees make offerings with a grateful heart.

On Saturday 7 October, the community around Happy Garden and O.U.G. gathered for the monthly Pindacāra programme around the neighbourhood markets to support the monastic.

With wholesome intentions, market-goers and vendors happily prepared food and requisites to offer to the Sangha members.  At the same time, Nalanda members and volunteers were also on hand to explain the significance of Pindacāra to passers-by and curious onlookers at the market.

Bro. Ng welcoming venerable monks.

Venerable monks walk mindfully around the markets, accompanied by volunteers.

Performing meritorious deeds with humility.

Market-goers look forward to this monthly programme.

Let us rejoice over these meritorious acts which support monastics as they focus on their spiritual journey, without worrying about their basic needs such as food.  Do join us for the next Pindacāra programme, which will be held on 4 November, the first Saturday of the month.  Sadhu anumodana.

Market vendors also prepare their offerings wholeheartedly.

At NEO Centre in Happy Garden, devotees learn and reflect on Dhamma with venerable sirs.

Devotees and volunteers humbly offer lunch dana to the venerable monks.