Gratitude at Dhamma School Honours Day

Gratitude at Dhamma School Honours Day

The community of Dhamma School facilitators and students on 31 December 2019.

On 31 December 2019, Nalanda Dhamma School facilitators, students and their parents, alumni, volunteers and guests gathered at Nalanda Centre for the annual School Appreciation and Honours Day.  This annual event celebrates the learning and progress of students throughout the year, and also serves to give thanks to teachers and parents who supported their learning.

On behalf of the Society, Deputy President Bro. Charlie expressed his gratitude to the Dhamma School facilitators for their commitment and care in providing holistic education for the students.  Dhamma School Director Sis. Sunanda Ong thanked parents for their support and also encouraged students to continue learning and cultivating the Dhamma in their daily living.

Parents and guests respectfully receiving the procession as they entered the hall.

Nalanda Deputy President, Bro. Charlie congratulating students for completing the school year.

The Navaka and Kumara students presenting a song to thank their parents and facilitators.

Parents of Dhamma School students sharing the positive changes they witnessed in their children after joining the School.

Naga and Garuda House Captains expressing their thanks to the School for the support and learning opportunities given to students.

Everyone rejoiced in the students’ achievements during the Awards Ceremony where certificates, medals and prizes were presented to recognize their efforts, personal growth and selfless service towards the School.  For the second consecutive year, the Dhammavijaya Challenge Trophy was won by Naga House.

We congratulate Nalanda Dhamma School for 15 years of continuous growth and success.  May the Dhamma continue to grow in the hearts of our students for many more years to come.

Bro. Charlie presenting tokens of appreciation to facilitators.

Dhamma School students receiving their Certificate of Completion from School facilitators.

Students receiving awards for their good attendance record.

Sis. Cai Pei was awarded the Most Improved Student for 2019.

Bro. Tze Fong was awarded the Merit Award for Best Overall Student.

Students performed a sketch on the importance of cultivating Dāna, Sīla and Bhāvanā.

We congratulate members of both Garuda House and Naga House for their strong performance.

Dhamma School students presenting a song composed by their fellow students.

Parents rejoice not only in their children’s achievements, but also of all Dhamma School students.