Meditation and Dhamma Discussion

Meditation and Dhamma Discussion

Sis. Sandy having group discussion with devotees after sharing on "Simile of the Raft".

On Wednesday 29 July, devotees came together at Nalanda Centre to practise meditation and learn the Dhamma among spiritual friends.  After the sitting session, Sis. Sandy gave a Dhamma sharing on “simile of the raft”, the second simile from “Alagaddūpama Sutta”, Majjhima Nikāya Sutta 22.

Sis. Sandy said that the Buddha used “simile of the raft” to advise disciples to practise the Dhamma in order to attain liberation, but not for the purpose of clinging on.  She further shared two Dhammapada verses – 85 and 86 – which say that only few who diligently practised the Dhamma will be liberated, while many who heard the teachings but are laxed in practice will remain in suffering.

Devotees listening to the Dhamma sharing on Dhammapada verses 85 and 86.


Devotees discussing the Dhamma in small groups.

We invite you to join us at Nalanda Centre every Wednesday at 8pm for group meditation and Dhamma discussion.  All are welcome.