Growth and progress at Dhamma School Honours Day

Growth and progress at Dhamma School Honours Day

Dhamma School facilitators and students thank all supporters and donors for enabling this learning platform for holistic education.

On Sunday 31 December 2023, Nalanda Dhamma School facilitators, volunteers, students, and their parents gathered for the joyful annual School Appreciation and Honours Day at Nalanda Centre.  This long-held tradition was a time for everyone to reflect and rejoice in their learning, personal growth and selfless service throughout the year.

Sis. See Hui Shien, Director of Nalanda Dhamma School thanked parents and the Nalanda community for their kind support and trust throughout the years.  Student representatives also shared their Dhamma learning journey, much to the rejoice of the congregation as they recollecting the challenges they overcame and the spiritual friendships forged.  With heartfelt gratitude, they thanked the school facilitators for their unending dedication and guidance.

Facilitators and students enter the hall in a stately procession to the harmonious beating of drums.

Sis. Buddhini Tan encourages all students to continue learning and embedding wholesome values into their daily lives.

Sis. See Hui Shien shares the learning journey of the students.

School Captain Sis. Chin Li Wen and Vice-Captain Bro. Leong Ji Liang shared their personal growth and transformation journey.

Bro. Beh Lian Choon reflected on his learning journey at the Family Dhamma School.

Everyone rejoiced to hear the heart-warming recollections.

We congratulate Nalanda Dhamma School for almost two decades of unrelenting efforts in educating many of our young Buddhists in the Buddha-Dhamma.  The School continues to grow with the start of ‘Family Dhamma School’ in Johor Bahru this March.  Let us rejoice in the students’ progress and may the School continue to grow Dhamma communities who are keen to learn, practise and serve.  Sadhu anumodana!

Students themselves present tokens of appreciation to School facilitators.

Facilitators present certificates to students.

Recognising students for their contributions and embodiment of values throughout the year.

Bro. Tan Siang Chye unveils the newly published ‘Little Jewels’ book for young children.

A glow-in-the-dark performance by Dhamma School teenagers.

Junior Dhamma School performed a traditional dance.

Family Dhamma School also had a performance by both parents and students.

Happy learning Dhamma as a family.

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