Guided meditation with Ven. Asabhacara

Ven. Asabhacara conducting the meditation session at Nalanda Centre.

Ven. Asabhacara teaching meditation at Nalanda Centre.

On Wednesday 21 October, Venerable Sayadaw Asabhacara gave a guided meditation and Dhamma talk at Nalanda Centre.  In his talk, Ven. Asabhacara encouraged devotees to meditate diligently and maintain mindfulness in our daily activities.  Devotees also took the opportunity to clarify doubts on their daily practice during the Q & A session.

Earlier in the day, Ven. Asabhacara arrived at Nalanda Centre from Kuala Kubu Bharu, accompanied by Samanera Kavidhaja and President of Selangor Vipassana Buddhist Meditation Society, Bro. Lim Boon Hang.  They were brought on a building tour by Sis. Nandini.  The visitors later met with Founder Bro. Tan, where Ven. Asabhacara lauded Nalanda for its marvelous education and Dhamma propagation efforts.

Ven. Asabhacara touring Nalanda Centre.

Ven. Asabhacara enquiring about Nalanda’s “Wisdom Park” project. Accompanying him were Ven. Kavidhaja (right), Bro. Lim Boon Hang, and Sis. Nandini (left).

Ven. Asabhacara meeting with Nalanda officers.

Ven. Asabhacara having a discussion with Bro. Tan and Nalanda officers.

Ven. Asabhacara received his higher ordination in 1974 and is currently the Abbot of Mangalārama Vihāra in Silver Spring, U.S.A. We thank Ven. Asabhacara for guiding us in meditation and for his words of encouragement.  Sadhu anumodana.

Ven. Asabhacara motivating devotees to practise diligently.

Ven. Asabhacara motivating devotees to practise diligently.