Happy Fathers’ Day!

Happy Fathers’ Day!

Today, we honour all fathers all over the world.  As we wish those around us “Happy Fathers’ Day”, it also serves as a reminder to all of us to have right understanding on how to be a better father and a better person in general, improving our roles as part of a family, leading to greater family well-being.

Fathers have traditionally been the provider in the family.  They work hard to provide everything from comfort luxuries to everyday necessities such as food, clothing and schooling.  On top of secular education, we should recognise that Buddhist education is also an important part of every Buddhist family’s learning and cultivation, which should not be overlooked.

Fathers of true Buddhist children are very fortunate.  True Buddhists know how to treat their parents well with respect, and even after their parents pass away, the children continue to do their duty by performing good deeds in honour of them and inviting them to rejoice.

“If our parents are still around, let us take the opportunity to honour them and express our gratitude and love to them.  Say “I Love You” to our father and mother, give them a hug and ask for their forgiveness for any wrong that we have done.  To some of us, these may seem difficult to do as we have never practised them before, and there is no such “tradition” in our family.  The first step is always the hardest.  So, start small!  Serve them tea and wish them good health and happiness.  Next year, we can try kneeling and serving them the tea.  The following year, we kneel, serve them tea, and give them a hug!  Our parents may shed tears of joy; however it is all conducing to a warm, loving and harmonious family environment.”

Bro. S Y Tong
Head of Department
Leadership & Management Studies

Since we were children, fatherly qualities such as strength, steadiness and depth have been an anchor in our lives.  Our fathers unquestioningly raised us, with full love, devotion and care.  Some have gone the “extra mile” and extended their fatherly love and spirit to other children in the community.  At Nalanda, we are privileged to have inspiring father figures like this, who have not only bestowed the gift of Dhamma to their children, but also have the far-sightedness to provide Buddhist education for the children in the community.  Sadhu! 

Paying tribute to all fathers, let us emulate the essence of fatherly love for the betterment of our community!