Hosting Ajahn Achalo at Nalanda

Hosting Ajahn Achalo at Nalanda

Members and devotees take a group photo with Ajahn Achalo and Ajahn Tissaro at the 20 Anniversary Special Exhibition.

On Saturday 13 May, Nalanda members, volunteers and devotees joyfully welcomed Venerable Ajahn Achalo to Nalanda Centre for a Dhamma talk.  Almost four years since his last visit, we were happy to see that Ajahn is well and has had opportunities to further develop Anandagiri Forest Monastery in Thailand, of which he is abbot.

In the evening Dhamma talk, Ajahn shared with us his journey in becoming a monk and personal experiences in turning a difficult situation into a constructive one.  By being mindful of our negative perceptions, we can change them to look for the positive aspects and progress towards a beneficial outcome.

Venerable monks pay their respects at the Main Altar at Nalanda Centre.

Sis. Buddhini and Sis. Nandini lead members to welcome venerable monks.

Ajahn testing out one of the hands-on exhibit at Buddha Jayanti Exhibition.

Ajahn reading some of the messages written by students and devotees.

Ajahn write a message to be included in the shower of blessings.

Ajahn listens to one of the stories about the life of the Buddha’s disciples.

Ajahn also advised us to maintain a forgiving mindset when we work with others especially as a community dedicated in missionary work.  It is important for us to acknowledge that just like ourselves, others are also challenged by defilements and at the same time trying to develop better values.

We extend our gratitude to Ajahn Achalo for taking time to visit us and for his valuable advice.  We hope that he will be able to visit and advise us again when he is in Malaysia.  We also wish Ajahn blessings of good health and peace.  Sukhihontu.

Dhamma School facilitator Sis. Wei Nee showed Ajahn the tokens of appreciations gifted to visitors.

Devotees paying their respects to venerable monks.

Ajahn shared his endearing story of how he overcome obstacles to be a monk.

Devotees had opportunities to ask Ajahn questions after the talk.

Ajahn Achalo leads the sharing of merits.

On behalf of the devotees, we offer requisites to venerable monks for their physical well-being.

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