Hosting Ajahn Visalo at Nalanda

Hosting Ajahn Visalo at Nalanda

We thank Ajahn Visalo for coming to visit us at Nalanda and we hope to see you again when you are in Malaysia!

From 5 to 7 May, we were honoured to host Ajahn Visalo, an Indonesian monk, who received his monastic training from Wat Pah Nanachat, Thailand where he currently resides.  A gentle and compassionate monk, Ajahn Visalo lent his presence to the Buddha Day programmes and relayed kind words of advise to the congregation.

Ajahn shared that we need to adopt a patient and accepting mindset when living and working in a community which shares a common purpose.  By cultivating thoughts of loving-kindness, mettā, we will feel more at ease, and are able to let go of any unhappiness.  Ajahn also advised us to hone mindfulness in our daily activities, so as to reduce proliferation of thoughts.

On the Building Tour, Ajahn paid respects at the altar in the Pustaka.

Members and volunteers warmly welcome Ajahn Visalo at Nalanda Centre.

Ajahn Visalo gave the congregation words of advise during the Sunday Morning Service.

Ajahn also gave a talk to Dhamma School teenagers, encouraging them to make the best of the opportunity to learn the Buddha’s Teachings, for their betterment.

Students offering lunch dana to Ajahn Visalo, with much gratitude and humility, at K. Sri Dhammananda Centre.

Ajahn chants verses of blessings for the Dhamma School students.

We feel much gratitude to Ajahn Visalo for visiting and establishing a connection with us at Nalanda.  We hope to host Ajahn again when he is in Malaysia, and wish him the best of health and unhindered progress in his noble aspirations.  Sadhu.

Nalanda leaders receiving venerable monks at NEO KL in Happy Garden during the Buddha Day Observance.

Venerable monks light the candles with the flame from the altar, which will be used to light the candles at the Peace Walk.

A calm and peaceful state of mind, but can be replicated by us in every moment of our life if we are mindful enough.

Ajahn Visalo also joined the Pindacara at the OUG and Happy Garden markets, to give the laity the opportunity to do good.

A devotee respectfully dana food item to Ajahn Visalo.

Ajahn encourages the volunteers to continue their good efforts in engaging the community, in order to give others the opportunity to learn Dhamma.

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