Hosting Venerable Ajahn Karuniko

Hosting Venerable Ajahn Karuniko

Ajahn Karuniko with Nalandians at K. Sri Dhammananda Centre.

On Sunday 1 December, Nalanda Centre was honoured to host Venerable Ajahn Karuniko for a Dhamma talk.  Ajahn said that we should understand suffering and contemplate the cause of suffering.  This is neccessary although against the way of the world which is to continuously seek happiness and avoid unhappiness.

When we cling to what is pleasant, we become more adverse to the unpleasant.  This itself results in dissatisfaction and the rising of mental afflictions such as anger, restlessness and discontent.  We also develop fear, anxiety and paranoia about things we do not like.  To overcome this, we should accept that both the pleasant and unpleasant are a part of life.

Director of Nalanda Centre Sis. Nandini leading Nalandians to welcome Ajahn Karuniko.

Devotees respectfully offer dana to Ajahn Karuniko before the Dhamma talk.

Ajahn said that with wisdom, we learn to understand our lives as human beings.

Devotees asking questions to clarify their understanding.

Ajahn Karuniko visiting the Wisdom Park Exhibition at Nalanda Centre.

Ajahn encouraging a young devotee to learn the Dhamma well.

Dhamma School for Adults students welcoming Ajahn Karuniko to K. Sri. Dhammananda Centre.

Bro. Charlie and Sis. Nandini presenting Ajahn with a copy of the 3-volume commemorative book published by the Society.

We thank Ajahn Karuniko for visiting us at Nalanda Centre. We hope that Ajahn will come back for another Dhamma teaching.

Ajahn advised us to be mindful to see what is happening in our minds at the present moment.  As we become aware, we try not to let our minds go into habitual thinking and develop worries about the future.  When we meditate and stay in the present moment, we can achieve tranquillity and concentration as taught by the Buddha.  We thank Ajahn Karuniko for visiting us and wish him the best of health and peace.