Humility opens our minds

Paying respect and seeking forgiveness are some of practices which ground us in humility.

The cultivation of humility purifies the mind of pride and ego.  Some may deem this as a weakness because we have been socially conditioned to compete for achievements and success.  However, those who truly understand humility know it leads to a fulfilling life blessed with serenity within and harmony with others.

In Pāli, humility is ‘nivato’ which translates literally to ‘without air’.  It implies the qualities of being grounded, modest and putting the welfare of others before oneself.  Humble people are gentle and well-loved because they are genuinely respectful of all beings.  By being open to advice and criticism, we can face our limitations and pursue better ways to improve.

Humility enables us to listen without bias and adopt a learning attitude throughout life.

Mindfulness enables one to develop this precious virtue by keeping in check the arising of false perceptions and unwholesome thoughts.  We let go of our arrogance and open up to simply explore what is in front of us.  With the curiosity of a child and genuine hearts, let our minds become clearer to learn and comprehend the truths of life in order to realise lasting peace.