Induction Session for Parents

Parents warming up with the joyful session.

On Sunday 16 February, a ‘Svagatam ’ * induction programme was held for parents of new Nalanda Dharma School students registered for 2014. The 6-session programme aims to equip participants with the essential knowledge on living in accordance with the Dhamma, and also to provide an avenue for parents to share their thoughts and views.

The session had an enjoyable warm up session with ice-breaking games facilitated by Sis. Sugandha Ooi, the host of the programme.  Sis. Nandini was invited to share the five purposes of going to a Buddhist centre or temple.  They are: 1. to build one’s moral understanding and foundation;  2. to calm the senses;  3. to learn the Dhamma;  4. to perform service and wholesome deeds; and  5. to learn social grace and cultural refinement.  These five points also correspond with ‘Dāna’ – giving, ‘Sīla’ – morality, and ‘Bhāvanā’ – mental cultivation, which is the way of Buddhist practice.

Sis. Sugandha Ooi facilitating the ice-breaking session.

During the reflection session, many parents shared their moving experience during the “Tea-Offering Ceremony” held on 9 February at Nalanda Centre.  The gathering ended with smiling faces among participants as the right understanding has been established on the purpose of visiting a spiritual centre.  Also new friendships were kindled among the parents.  Sadhu to everyone!

* ‘Svagatam’ means welcome in Pāli Language.

Sis Nandini sharing the five purposes of going to a Buddhist centre or temple.