Inspiring and Aspiring Dutiful Conduct

Inspiring and Aspiring Dutiful Conduct

Bro. Choong Li leading the congregation in 'Going for Refuge' and observing the Five Precepts.

Report by Gan Bee Ching  |  Photographs by Gan Jia Cheng

On Wednesday 2 July, devotees rejoiced in a meditation session and Dhamma teaching by Bro Tan.  As the day commemorates the anniversary of his late teacher’s renunciation, Bro. Tan dedicated that evening’s teachings on ‘dutiful conduct’ to him.

Bro. Tan fondly recalled that trainings underwent with his teacher had been very challenging and demanding.  However, the teacher’s caring, kind, and dutiful conduct had inspired him to persevere, and also to serve his own teachers dutifully.  Furthermore, the Buddha taught that one who is dutiful bears gratitude to those who have cared and guided him beneficially through life, even to those who have passed away.

Bro. Tan dedicated that evening’s teachings on ‘dutiful conduct’ to his late teacher, who had inspired him with compassion, kindness, and a strong sense of duty.

Bro. Tan cautioned that the ‘threshold’ for happiness increases if one grows in desires, resulting in a bigger void within oneself that needs to be filled.  Coupled with society’s inclination and media influence towards material wealth and sensual pleasures, it is imperative that one becomes ‘dutiful’ in spiritual practice.

‘Be dutiful in learning the Dhamma,’ – those were his concluding words.  Inspired devotees thus resolved to do just that, with a deep sense of gratitude for the platform provided by Nalanda to support our spiritual learning and progressive cultivation.  Sadhu!

Closing the session with dedication and transference of merits.