Inspiring Dhamma Talk by Ven. D. Upananda

Inspiring Dhamma Talk by Ven. D. Upananda

Ven. Upananda having a group photograph with devotees after the Dhamma Talk.

On Tuesday 21 April, devotees had an inspiring evening listening to Venerable D. Upananda Nāyaka Thero’s Dhamma Talk at Nalanda Centre.  Ven. Upananda shared with us the five types of ‘Māra’ that we should be aware of, namely  – (1) ‘Devaputta’ – is not only a very powerful deity but is also bent on making life difficult for holy persons; (2) ‘Kilesa’ – the demons of defilement: greed, aversion and delusion; (3) ‘Abhisamkhara’ – karmic activities which are more subtle; (4) ‘Khandha’ – arising from the Five Aggregates; and (5) ‘Maccu’ – death.

Ven. Upananda elaborating on the five types of ‘Māra’ that hinders and obstructs one's spiritual progress.

Ven. Upananda advised us to develop awareness and to understand ourselves by listening, recollecting, applying and reflecting upon the Dhamma, so that there will be an awakening moment eventually.  With greater awareness, we need not always be trapped by attachment and aversion.  Practising in this manner will gradually bring out the ‘good practitioner’ in us.

We thank Ven. Upananda for the insightful talk and may his reverence be blessed with good health and much peace!  Sadhu anumodana.

Ven. Upananda meeting with Bro. Tan and Nalandian officers at the Reception Room.