Inspiring Workshop on ‘Samatha’ and ‘Vipassanā’

Inspiring Workshop on ‘Samatha’ and ‘Vipassanā’

Āyasmā Aggacitta having a group photograph with participants at the conclusion of the Workshop.

Nalanda Institute successfully concluded the 2-day “Samatha & Vipassanā Sutta Study with Meditation Workshop”, held on 1 and 2 March at Nalanda Centre, Sri Serdang.  The workshop saw an overwhelming turn out beyond the targeted 100 participants.  Seasoned meditators traveled from near and far to learn from the experienced and knowledgeable teacher, Āyasmā Aggacitta.

Ven. Aggacitta made references to various Pāli Scriptures which explain the process of stilling the mind in ‘Samatha’ practice, and investigating the mind object to develop insightful understanding in ‘Vipassanā’ practice.  At the end of the day, Āyasmā Aggacitta reminded everyone that it is one’s own heedful and diligent practice that is crucial for awakening.

The workshop includes practical meditation sessions for participants to experience the processes involved.

Participants benefitted greatly from this workshop by gaining better understanding on meditation practice, developing Right Views, and through healthy discussions among spiritual friends.  Many were inspired by the Dhamma, and resolve to cultivate more diligently.

Participants engaging in active discussions on the topic of meditation.

Nalanda Institute records our highest appreciation to Āyasmā Aggacitta for his teachings.  We also thank all participants, supporters and volunteers who have made this a fruitful and successful workshop.  May we continue with Right Effort on the path to purification, and aspire for Nibbāna!

Āyasmā Aggacitta spoke about the scope of ‘Samatha’ and ‘Vipassanā’ practices with reference to Pāli Scriptures.