Joy of serving and growing together

For three days from 30 March to 1 April, representatives of Theravāda Buddhist organisations in Malaysia gathered in Puchong for the first-ever Leaders’ Summit to discuss ways to improve leadership quality for the community.  The inaugural Summit was jointly organised by Nalanda Institute and the Theravāda Buddhist Council of Malaysia.  It targeted society Presidents, Deputy Presidents, Honorary Secretaries, and Youth Leaders as participants.  All in, twenty organisations sent 76 delegates to the convention.

Nalanda founder Bro.Tan was the main speaker at the Summit; he delivered 6 anchor presentations on “What is Buddhist Leadership?”;  “The Leadership Process”; “Qualities of a Good Leader”; “From Doing to Leading”; “Leading with Buddhist Principles”; and “How to Build Leaders”.

We would like to offer this video for your viewing where NalandaTV crew Bro. Andrew Tan and Bro. Gan recorded the great camaraderie, unity of purpose, and the joy of learning amongst leaders at the Summit.  Thank you for your services to the Buddhist community!  May the Buddha-Sāsana prosper and long endure.