Joyful Conclusion to 2013 Gimhana Retreat

Joyful Conclusion to 2013 Gimhana Retreat

Group photograph after the conclusion of the Gimhana Retreat on 22 July 2013.

The 7-week Nalanda Gimhana Period came to a joyful conclusion on 22 July – the Asalha Full-moon ‘Dhamma Day’. This year’s Gimhana Retreat began on 8 June also on an Uposatha Day. Throughout these weeks, there were Dhamma teachings on Sundays and meditation sessions on Wednesdays. Besides, devotees were encouraged to practise daily morning and evening chanting at home, meditate, perform wise reflections, and do good altruistically everyday!

More than 200 devotees signed up and attended the Gimhana programme this year. Talks delivered by Bro.Tan were also uploaded on to Nalanda’s website, benefiting many outstation devotees as well.

Bro. Tan giving an insightful and uplifting commentary on the Buddha's First Sermon, in conjunction with Asalha Dhamma Day.

Nalanda Buddhist Society would like to record our deepest appreciation and Anumodana to all officers, members, volunteers, donors and helpers who worked tirelessly and selflessly to complete this year’s programme successfully. Thanks to all the sponsors of food, flowers, offerings, and other requisites to support this retreat.

May all the goodness and merits accrued be shared with all beings! May all beings be well, be happy, and be liberated from Samsara! Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu!