Joyful Dhamma Learning with Ven. Lim Sukhito

Joyful Dhamma Learning with Ven. Lim Sukhito

Participants were very grateful for the opportunity to learn from Ven. Sukhito for three days, and hoped that he can come back to conduct more camps

From 29 June to 1 July, over 40 Nalanda members and devotees gathered every day at the Dhamma Camp to learn and reflect on the Buddha’s teachings with Ven. Lim Sukhito, Abbot of Bukit Mertajam Buddhist Meditation Centre.  The camp on “Living a meaningful life with the Noble Eightfold Path” was hosted at Nalanda Education & Outreach Sungai Petani, for participants to better understand the Noble Eightfold Path and cultivate virtues to live a purposeful and fulfilling life.

Ven. Sukhito expounded on the Four Noble Truths and advised the group that it is important for us to note the dissatisfactions in our life, giving examples that laity often face.  He advised them that when we have a lot of attachment to pleasures and that which we like, we will find ourselves overly sorrowful when we do not get what we want. Participants also took the opportunity to ask Ven. Sukhito questions on how they can maintain the Five Precepts well in the worldly life.

Dr. Song, Chairman of the Sungai Petani Branch, welcomed Ven. Sukhito to the NEO Centre.

Ven. Sukhito advised the group that we need to know that suffering exists. If we don’t want to understand suffering, we will fear and reject it.

Ven. Sukhito led the daily chanting.

The participants were also led in sitting meditation sessions.

“Where there is desire, there will be suffering. Don’t desire more.”

We thank Ven. Sukhito for availing his time and effort to conduct this Dhamma Camp, and hope that we can host him again at Nalanda.  We also extend our appreciation to Nalanda Sungai Petani Branch for organising this camp and to the participants for their attentiveness and high spirits.  Sadhu anumodana.

Evening group meditation.

Participants had the opportunity to offer requisites as well as meal dana to Venerable.

Mr. Khaw & Bro. Seng Giap took the opportunity to offer meal dana to venerable.

Participants had opportunities to ask question so that they can better apply the learnings in their daily lives.

Bhante having a discussion with Sungai Petani Branch members.