Joyful giving during Pindacāra

Joyful giving during Pindacāra

Giving with a heartful heart.

Last Saturday 4 May, the community at the O.U.G. and Happy Garden markets partook in the meritorious deed of giving in the monthly Pindacāra (monks on alms-round) programme.   Often on the look-out on the morning of the first Saturday of the month, market-goers and stall vendors prepared their offerings generously, with the sincere intention of doing good.

Members and volunteers readily engaged with those who were interested but unfamiliar with this practice, and also introduced to the community programmes for the upcoming Buddha Day observance.  Let us rejoice in these good deeds, and create conditions for ourselves to cultivate these values of generosity and service.  Sadhu!

Nalanda leaders welcoming and briefing the venerable monks on the flow of the programme.

Children are properly guided by their parents on how to make offerings.

Sis. Nandini Tan giving a briefing to volunteers.

Ready to engage with the community.

Brothers in Dhamma all ready to serve.

Venerable monk led devotees in Taking Refuge in the Three Jewels and Five Precepts.

Offering of lunch dana to venerable sirs.

We thank venerable monks, members, volunteers and devotees for joining us in this wholesome programme.

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